"Scott Chism is a story teller. His warm drawl makes even the most simple of his stories seem like epic tales. Five feet away sits Lynsey Terry, the better half and conscience of the duo, looking on with a tender but skeptical look on her face. Rooted in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, their back porch poetry with its humor and old southern morals is set to a blend of americana, folk and bluegrass that inspires as it entertains." -Sam Miller; Blue Healer Music/November 2009

Scott Chism & The Better Half-Long Haul Steady: "A storyteller who makes the simplicity of his stories come alive with his clean-cut country/folk style with a rough bluesy edge. Based in Mississippi, the blues isn’t hard to find on this album. “Hand Me Down Blues and “Keep Bearin’ Dow” have a classic Americana sound with a southern twang." - Austin Daze/September 2012

"Best Pure Country Album of the Year" -  http://www.firdaposten.no (Norway)/May 2012

"The music on offer is a blend of traditional country, hillbilly and bluegrass. Chism, who penned eight of the 13 selections, has a warm, easy-going drawl that entices you in. Good varied music from start to finish and highly recommended." - Alan Cackett; Maverick Magazine(UK)/December 2012

"Long Haul Steady features smooth country/folk/pop tunes with a clean traditional sound. The album was recorded in Nashville and has a nice laidback feel and sound." -www.babysue.com/September 2012

"A beautiful variety of musical styles." - Rootstime (Belgium)/September 2012

"Scott Chism and Lynsey Terry have been an integral part of Hattiesburg’s music since moving here a few years ago with originals featuring fine harmonies and tasteful playing."- Harry Crumpler; T-Bone's Records/August 2010

"It will make you dance even if you're down!"- SoundOut/September 2011